What is this amazing weather?!? I don’t think I’ve loved February as much as this ever 😉 I had genuinely forgotten what it felt like to just leave the house without being armed with hats, scarfs bulky coat’s and everything else we need to stay warm. Getting back out into the garden however is a slight shocker as we really have not touched it since the back-end of last summer and to say it’s looking a little shabby would be an understatement! But, no point in worrying about that right now, we can sort it over the next few months. It just feels nice to be back in it.

Last weekend Jim was away, so my parents came and stayed with me and Ezra. Me and dad cleaned up the patio, so now we don’t have to share the sun spots with green algae and we can actually see out the glass. Note to self – maybe a little more patio care this year. Ezra loved the fact that he could play out there in the sunshine, with alllllll his animals.

Ive currently got some apple and parsnip soup cooking, Ezra is having a nap and the  house is in a reasonable condition. My plan is to have the soup for lunch when he wakes and  then get back out into the garden whilst it’s  a dry day and carry  on making my veg planters. Ive said for years how I wanted to do them, so I figured I’d put some action behind my words. It all sounds very idyllic, so I’ll just keep it real and let you know that this morning I had a micro meltdown because we had no milk in for Ezra – this was at 7am, went then huffed our way out of the day without knowing the shops didn’t open until 8, so we had to sit outside and freeze until they did! Thankfully I gave myself a reality check, and got back to being normal.

My to do list seems to be running at an all time high that’s why I am absolutely avoiding it and coming on here to write instead 😉 There are some things however that I really want to change, and I want to put them out here to keep me accountable, because, I feel like if I don’t I’ll just keep on letting them slide.

For the next 30 days, starting from Monday – because I have a hen doo this weekend and I don’t want to start in negative effort,  I will be rising before Ezra at 6am, to do my journalling/gym and generally get myself sorted for the day. And I will be most definitely  be blogging at LEAST 3 times a week. So, if you don’t hear anything by  Wednesday next week – please call me out and keep me accountable.

I genuinely hope that everyone is having a fab week. I’ll be back next week – at least 3 times 😉