Ohh look at me checking in with a personal post. I have fully come to realise now after over a decade of business that when things get super busy with my work, things for me are the first things to go – why is that?  Instead of me actually realising that this is a time where probably growth needs to be implemented – ie outsourcing, I drop the ball on things for me, which is generally going to the gym and downtime.

Maybe that the way things go for everyone, but It just doesn’t feel right for that to always be the case. Anyone else?

Anyhow I wanted to leave something here on my blog in a tangible way for me to come back to. Because believe it or not I actually read my own blog and I am always so glad that I wrote things down on moments that would otherwise pass through life and never be remembered.

So here’s what’s going on right now. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with bambino number 3. I have no idea of the gender but am maybe feeling that it could be a girl. I have no idea why and in a couple of months we’ll soon find out. Ezra has just started school and is genuinely loving it. We had a slight wobble this morning where he didn’t want to go but I think that’s just being day 4 in a full week but as soon as he hits the playground and see’s his friends he goes in – which is so lovely as a parent to feel. Not the fact that you don’t have them, but they have a space where they feel safe and they are having fun.

Me and Otto have a few classes going on through the week, which I’m actually going to change around after the term because it doesn’t leave us with a day that’s free for any spontaneity and I definitely need that.

I have just had my first month of a sell out Monthly branding session, it’s my 8th one of the year but I finally got there which feels great so I am hoping to be able to do it again for October. There’s also a load  of things that I have  in my head, ideas that I would love to bring to fruition so I am hoping that in writing them down here I can look back and see what I managed to give time to and help bring forward.

Digital Branding Course.

I am acknowledging now that I have a gift for working with women and allowing them to feel great in front of the camera. Yes there is always fine tuning but It’s something that I need to embrace as my super skill ( saying that in the least boastful way). I was planning to run a workshop to help other people who want to get into this niche in the market but the pressure of getting it all together wasn’t working for and I’m getting wise enough to know when you need to give yourself some grace. So, this is now going to be a digital course instead which will launch in October for 4 weeks.

My book

There is a book that has been brewing inside me since lockdown.  A beautiful book for mums mainly but both parents can use it too. To help document and capture the beautiful chaos of family life that is so, so fleeting. My ideas are mapped out and it’s just finding the time now to get words down and curate.


I have a few episodes already recorded but this is so important to me. I LOVE listening to pod casts and I love learning from other women who are mums and run their own business. So this will be hitting the platforms soon which I am MEGA excited about.

In the midst of this I am figuring out business teething problems, yep after a decade they are still there. I expect that they always will be. And how I run my business with a young toddler again and a newborn. I am confident and sure that I will. Mainly because my WHY is to have a family life which my business works around and generates Money from and I am so focused on that happening that It will. And It will grow from strength to strength. I refuse to be scared by talks of recession and focus on the goodness that I bring and that business brings.

So there we are, my Thursday morning thoughts as I sit in Starbucks (because the local independents said no to laptops) whilst I wait for my hair appointment because my greys are now adding 30 years to me! haha.

I’m looking forward to reading this at some point in the future and seeing where all these thoughts went.

Happy Thursday friends. x