This single thing is the thing that keeps my head together. My ideas in a collective place and my lists of what needs to be done  in  any type of order.  Trello in a nutshell is the only reason I’m still sane (ish).

Trello is an online organising system that allows you to create boards and lists for multiple tasks. You can copy these tasks, share them, check them off as you go  – a personal favourite for me  – and a whole host of other brilliant features.

What makes it work best for me is the ease of the platform. It’s clean, non fussy and simple. I’m currently planning a wedding, running a business, starting some other ventures and renovating a house. You can see right there a headache in the making. And whilst i’m not saying there will always be headache free days – this system definitely helps.


I have known about if for a while but only recently in the last 2 months been really using it – and it’s a game changer for me. I find my self more organised. My days more structured and I’m not forgetting about anything.

If you are a business owner, or multiple business owner of just have a lot going on – or maye you just like staying super organised. Check it out – I think you are going to like it!