Yesterday I had a lunch date with a lady who is restarting back into photography and through our conversation I realised that there are always a lot of questions when you are starting out. I remember having them myself. Sometimes we think that  we can be way off course when we are shooting, so I thought I would start sharing some tips on the way I shoot and hope that it help’s someone in the process.

By no means am I saying that this is the right way to do things, this is simply the ways that I do things.

So, today I thought that I would share a few stills from one of my weddings from last year, specifically from Faye’s bridal preparation. I wanted to show you how my RAW images are and the slight edit that I do to them, to make them eligible for  the final cut.  My processing is actually quite simple. I  like to raise the exposure slightly, sometimes bring back the highlights and increase the clarity. Oh and I use Lightroom for all my editing.

Settings: ISO 640 | F 2.0 | 35mm |  1/320

Faye RAW (1 of 1)



Settings: ISO 640 | F.20 | 35mm | 1/160

Faye RAW (1 of 1)-2



Settings: ISO 640 |  F.2.2 | 50mm | 1/160

Faye RAW (1 of 1)-3


You can see all of the wedding here –  and if you want to see some more examples, next week I am going to be showing how I process images from the ceremony, which is always fast paced and probably *the* most important part of the day.

Have a fabulous day,

Natasha x