On Friday I officially became ‘mid thirties’ – half way to 70 – or 35 years young 😉 I’d be expected  say that it wasn’t quite the scene I imagined with everything going on at the moment, but actually it was lovely!! I was at home, with my team, in the sunshine, sipping a glass of wine – not too shabby. You would have never known that we were in a pandemic lockdown as a country!

Ive been thinking about this birthday year and what part of  me I’d like to focus on. Which parts I’d really like to get better at with myself or take out of my life completely. And Ive decided that I want live this year with more intention, I want to really commit myself fully to things that I’m doing, even if that means doing less to make what I do, do, better.

I’m desperate  to commit time to a yoga practice. Ive  been doing Astanga yoga since being in my twenties, but  after I had Ezra I never gave myself time to commit back to it, which has been a good 2.5 years. So this year, Im going to get back to being strong, not skinny ( but dropping a few lb’s would be great as well) and there isn’t really a better time than  now to start with all the time that we have at home.  I want to get back to blogging -because I miss it!! I really do. I like this little part of the internet which is mine, where people drop into now and again, so I’m coming back (again). I have loads of shoots and weddings to share from last year and I just want to connect about life in general.  When all this is over and we are back to a bit of normality or can travel again, I want to explore more of the UK. There are so many beautiful parts of it and  don’t get me wrong, I love a beach and blue seas ANY day, but there is so much to see within a few hours drive of where we live and I want to start seeing them. Throughout all of this I want to really learn more about  creating videos, doing something just for me, that makes me tick. Learning how to make these simple every day minutes into something that I can keep and look back on when my babies start to get big!! Lastly, I want to try and find a way to continue with my wood work.I miss my Thursdays.My day out of the whole week with no children, to drink cheap coffee, chat with old men and have fun creating.

Ive given myself a few days to let the crazy birthday day subside 😉 , and now I can start with my intentions.

Tasha x