I wanted to write this post before I leave for my next trip, whilst this feeling is sitting with me. This past week I attended the Way Up North conference in Sweden. To say it was epic would be an understatement. I didn’t know what to expect when I set off on Monday, but I was excited. By the time I left on Thursday after 2 full days of amazing speakers, meeting new friends, learning and experiencing a new city, I left with a full heart and a bit of an aching one.




I realised that I don’t take my camera with me day-to-day –  you know, the reason I fell in love with this craft. I  actually don’t have many pictures from the trip because I was  embarrassed to take it with me all the time, because I didn’t want to feel geeky – seriouslyWTF?!?  I realised that it only comes out when I work  – but all  of that is about to change. I realised, that I don’t need to be scared to express me. I’m defining  how I see the world and  curating the stories I tell. This week I feel back into love, not just happy, but in love with what I do. I’m a wedding photographer and I love it. I meet amazing people all the time, get to see them happy – document it – and do this for a living. Not just a job.


I’m happy and ready. Sooo ready to start implementing everything I’ve learnt. The experience that my couples get is about to get crazy. 2015 is not over yet and I’m setting goals high. Oh and if you want to hit up a seriously stylish gorgeous city – go to Stockholm, its badass!