10 Ways to create faceless content.

I know we all know the importance of having to show up for our brand and our businesses. We’re the face of them after all and people want to see it. But, sometimes you don’t want to be on camera and it feels same same when we are sharing our content. So today I want to look at at LEAST 10 different ways that we can create content whist still having our vibe but with our showing our face. And the great thing about having face less content is the fact that we can use it all over, any place any time. If we shoot it evergreen its a non stop 365 piece if material, which if you’re like me sounds pretty great because I’m not a fan of feeling like a slave to the content wheel.

So let’s get to it. Our 10 pieces of faceless content.

  1. Product Demos & Tutorials. 

Can you show your audience how you can use your products  or services with detailed demonstrations and tutorials.  But to keep it faceless use voice over  instruction or text to guide viewers through the process. I love having the text over especially because some people like to keep the noise off ( I do) and so a silent watch is better. I don’t know why, but in public I dont like my social media blaring.

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2. Customer Testimonials and Reviews. 

Apart from being SO important to other potential customers buying from your business a testimonial is a great way to share about what you do from a 3rd party, that backs up how great you are.  Use written  or audio testimonials  from happy customers. Highlight their experiences and the benefits  they’ve gained from your products or services.

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3. Behind – The Scenes – Content. 

I don’t know about you but I LOVE seeing the behind the scenes of business. Where they operate from, their location and how they make everything work. What it really feels like to be working in their business on a day to day bases however, mundane  or boring it might seem. Feel free to focus here on the tools, environments and activities rather than the individuals.

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4. Infographics & Visual Content.

Who doesn’t love a good infographic?! A little bit of easy digestible content that gives us more information, or makes us laugh – or encourages us to book. Think visuals that present valuable information, stats or tips related to your industry or business.

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5. Text Base Content.

Write blog posts , articles,  and guides that provide valuable insights, tips,  and information  to your audience. Complete the text with some mega graphics that are relevant and get tees on you 😉

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6. User Generated Content.

Encourage your customers to create content about their experiences with your products and services. Share their photos, videos, or reviews  on your platforms.

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7. Audio Content

Launch a podcast or create audio content discussing  industry trends, tips  and expert interviews. Focus on delivering valuable information through spoken word.

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8. Visual Story telling.

Use high quality images  and videos to  tell a story about your brand. Why you started, where you see it going, your ideal customer, things you love about your business etc. Show the products and services you offer in action, the environment they’re in or the results they deliver.

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9. Guest Contributions.

Can you invite experts in your industry or other business owners you look up to or love working with to contribute to any posts, videos or articles? This not only diversify your content but also leverages their expertise and audience.

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10. Interactive Content.

Who doesn’t love to find something out unique to them based on their answers. Whether its what you should do with your life 😉 Figuring out where to holiday next or what skincare suits your skin. We love quizzes and they are such a great way to engage with your audience and get some email details back in return. They can provide some insights for you as a business owner too, whilst keeping your audience entertained, engaged and involved.

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So there we are 10 ways to show up for your content without showing your face. If you would like more helping creating content for your brand I would love to be able to help. I offer shoots done on location or where you work and I also offer a DIY personal branding photography course which really allows you to get to know who it is that you’re speaking too and how to create mega imagery that allows you to attract their attention and engage with them.

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