Ladies, this is a guest post by a good friend of mine Abi. She’s a skincare guru and has the glow to prove it. I asked if she would let us all in on her secrets – and thought it wouldn’t go a miss for all you lovelies who have your wedding coming up, or just want to make your skin smile.


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** And please note this is not an Ad. I just started the using the products and love them and want you ladies to get  in on the goodness too**


Wedding day glow


You’ve spent months and months planning the day of your dreams and then on the home

straight, you manically start crossing your fingers and trying everything you can to make sure

you don’t have to ask your make-up artist to cover a spot. Do you start having weekly

facials? Do you buy every product going that tells you it’s going to make you look 10 years

younger? No. You adopt a bit of R&R…my very favourite, Renew and Revive Routine.




I am not a fan of facials, mainly because they erode the prosecco budget, but also because

your skin responds to daily routine, not sporadic intense treatments. You can also close

down the website for ultra expensive products, we don’t need those either.




The sooner you can start a routine, the better, but if you only have 2-3 weeks, it’s plenty. I’m

pretty sure that if you try this routine, you’ll be hooked. I’m an Ambassador for Tropic

Skincare so mainly use their products, but there will be a few others in here too.





Firstly, Renew. Get rid of all the dead cells on your face with a very gentle scrub. If you have

dry skin, scrubbing it every day will not help. It will take off the surface layer but it will also

break down your protective barriers, which will mean less moisture retention and around in a

circle you will go. So, a pea size amount of Face Smooth once to twice a week, very gently

massaged into your face. You’ll see and feel the silky change immediately.




Next we cleanse. Smoothing Cleanser smells like a spa, with eucalyptus, golden jojoba and

avocado oils. It quite literally melts away makeup and impurities. You can massage it right

into your eyelash roots to banish panda eyes and there will be zero sting factor. Then wipe

of with the 100% organic, anti-bacterial bamboo cloth and you have a baby clean face.




Toner time. Very often a step that’s left out, but it’s so important for balancing your skin. 2-3

sprays of Vitamin Toner Pore Refining Mist. It’s packed with rose water, aloe vera, cucumber

and amino acids, so is instantly refreshing, but works to calm your skin and reduce pore

size. I found this especially effective at reducing redness in my face.



Now we Revive. Our skin needs feeding. Hydration is key to balanced skin but it needs to be

done in the right way. Skin Revive does it perfectly as it hydrates whilsts balances sebum

levels, making it perfect for oily, dry and combination skin. It’ll hunt out the bits it needs to

work on and give it exactly what it needs. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is one of the

best hydrators around. Babies have it in abundance but levels decrease with age. It holds

1000x its weight in moisture, so it really will plump and restore your skin. The Ordinary do a

pure Hyaluronic Acid, which I like to add a few drops of to the Skin Revive, once or twice a

week, just for an added boost.




That’s it. Sit back and watch the magic happen. A few weeks of a back to basics routine and

you will have the most balanced, clean canvas for your wedding day make-up. It might be so

good, you won’t even want to wear as much!




Not forgetting your body….moisturise with a lipid replenishing moisturiser which will seal all

your barriers and make you glow. I like Mixa for sensitive skin or Tropic Body Love. If you

want a summer glow in any season, I highly recommend Vita Liberta. They have gradual

tan, 2-3 week tan and instant body blur tan. All their products are foolproof and give your

skin the most natural, long lasting glow, with the added bonus of not smelling like a biscuit

on your big day.




So there you go ladies, no need to panic. Whatever your skin type, this routine will work. It’s

paraben free, cruelty free, vegan and 100% naturally derived. It’s a ZERO in toxicity to your

skin and will make you feel amazing. Who can’t spare 3-4 minutes a day for that?




ABC Kit containing Face Smooth, Smoothing Cleanser with Bamboo cloth, Vitamin Toner

and Skin Revive and will last 3-4 months

Body Love moisturiser

£52 from or




Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 will last about 6 months if used twice a week.

£5.90 from




Vita Liberata the longevity of this one depends how often you want to tan, but is normally on

offer in Boots or Superdrug for around £24.



Mixa body moisturiser.Kind to your skin and very affordable for daily use. Around £6 from Superdrug.


Happy weekend everyone! xx