I still get nervous about a wedding. I still never sleep 100% like normal the night before. My mind races a little on the shots I need, the weather, what to do inside. Does that ever go away? I’m not really sure. I used to write myself a check list  manually before every wedding to make sure that I had all my equipment, which was great. I felt sure before the day that I was prepped and had everything I needed. However, the only thing with writing a list each time is that you are relying on your brain at that time to remember everything you need. It occurred to me a few years ago that this system was a little stressful in itself, so I modified it slightly, by making a very simple google document kit list.

I can already see your eyes rolling – obviously Tash – that would be the first thing to do. I totally agree, but it took me a fair few weddings to let that penny drop. If that’s you now, honestly it helps so much. Also,your kit can change over time and what you may and may not want to take can change, so it’s an easy way to stay on top of that.  We are already thinking of so much before the day already that taking this out of the equation and freeing up some of that memory for creativity is a much better use of your time.


Wedding Day Kit list


I’ve included below what a kit list looks like for me. You might be thinking, but what about all the other fancy extras? That’s not how I roll. I work better in simplicity, so this is what mine is:

Kit list for wedding day

5D Mark 3

5D Mark 3

Batteries for both + spare

Charger for batteries


50MM Sigma

50MM Sigma Backup

85MM Canon

35MM Sigma

70-200 Canon L

24-200 Canon


Flash x2

Batteries for flash

Flash slaves

Video light





Charger for laptop

card reader

Hard drive


Flash Cards


Day Schedule

Sun bounce


Shoot Sac

Umbrellas x 2

Sat Nav



Attachments for camera


Simple things to make the workflow easier are always good with me.