I’m so near to launching my new site In fact I’m going to make it happen by the end of this week! (I’m including Sunday in that). There wasn’t too much wrong with my old one really, I loved its simplicity but I kind of feel like this one just showcases more of my work. Making it a little easier for people to see whats going on.


In more pressing issues, I  feel like this could be the month that we actually get the garden back to an outside area that we can enjoy. I’ve come to terms that it wont be perfect for a while, but making progress on it feels real good. If I had a bulk of excess cash I think I would just get someone it to do everything  – show them my Pinterest board and let them at it! But, this is the real world and we have to do things in sections. Especially with Mini Monkhouse on the way. Although, I’m pretty sure if I stopped ordered baby grows I might be able to get a gardener. But it’s a losing battle with the cuteness of it all so the gardener will just  have to wait.  Anyhow its summer and the flowers that are coming out are disguising the gardens short comings. Even the weeds are looking pretty – rose-tinted glasses and all that.


One of the things that I am looking forward to this week, is getting my pizza stone delivery. Me and Jim LOVE pizza. Especially Jim, it’s his all time favourite food. I did have visions of having a pizza over in the garden – but see above about the baby-grow issue. So, I’ve gone to  the next best thing – a pizza stone. The only thing left to do now is channel my inner Italian roots and cook up some dough and tomato sauce like a grandma used to make.

Happy Wednesday people. Enjoy your week.

Tasha x