I once shot a wedding in heels and it hurt. A lot. But that’s what the early days do best, they teach you. So, what do you wear when you are shooting a wedding?


I quickly realised that flats were the way forward!



Dressing for the occasion is something I always aim to do well. Don’t get me wrong my fashion sense may not always be perfect, but I like to dress to the right attire levels. Especially at a wedding. For me I want to show up looking smart, I want to be comfortable of course but I know that both can be achieved.


The reasons for this are: 1) You are at someones wedding. Full stop. Dress nice.

2) My aim is to blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb. There will be points when I will be in the background of other pictures and I would rather try and blend in.



You’re going to have to wear something that allows you to move as well. When I was in Belize it was SO hot. But I managed to find something that was simple, light and comfortable. * I’m not quite sure who I’m bossing around here*


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I’d love to hear what other people wear and if they have any tips on killer comfy flats??