Work life balance

Its the middle of October (not quite sure how we got here so fast), I’m 25 weeks pregnant with baby number 2, dinner is cooking and Ive  baked a crumble using the last of the apples from the tree. All simple everyday things. Normal, boring you could even call it. The house has dinosaur bingo scattered all over the floor and I’m being absolutley cliche and having a hot coffee as Ezra  naps.  Right now I’ve feeling super energetic ( although I’m writing this post mini afternoon nap), I think it’s the second trimester still that’s being good to me.

I recently finished a book that I’ve had for years, called the Fire Starter Sessions. A Book split into a series of chapters with a work book for the end of each one, I’ve actually just read the chapters for now but I intend to go back through it and really get stuck into them. However, the last chapter resonated with me  the most. It talked about the quest for the perfect life, work, ambition, family balance and how really it doesn’t exist in equal measures. It bends and moves with the course of life and of course when your attention goes your energy flows. Now this isnt to say that you can’t split yourself between everything, but I agree that the balance won’t ever be truly equal so it’s ok not to chase it and be ok with the ebb and flow and the change of what you need at the moment.

Before having a family I loved the way my business ran. I shot, I edited, I worked out at the gym. I met friends. I basically had complete control. Now, over the last 2 wedding seasons I felt like my control slipped a bit – which it had. I had a child that took all my attention, a baby that needed me. If I’m being honest I struggled with the balance of my clients and home life because it was a new shift, but I’m now at a stage where  I know my balance. I can’t take work in the same capacity, and I don’t want to because for me, if I do, my home life can take a crash and my client experience suffers. So  I have to change my approach and allow room for that to happen, which I half feel where my gust of energy is coming from, the space I’m giving myself to ebb and flow with no guilt.

So, if you’r reading this and you’ve struggled with the balance, let it go. Move with the ebb and flow.