Can you believe the start to Autumn that we have had! Granted, today is not the dryest, but the rest of it has been pretty fab! A couple of weekends ago, I joined Chris and Anna for their engagement session.  We went to a field behind her mums house where Anna would play when she was younger.

Chris and Anna, brought along their newest addition to their family – Archie! A 6 month old, black Labrador. Total cuteness. It was nice having him just wonder in and out of shots.  Chris and Anna are  total naturals in front of the camera. They do relaxed, happy, in love and good-looking pretty well!! They are travellers at heart, and are seeing the world bit by bit. Together. So,  it was quite fitting to have little suggestions of travel throughout the shoot.


Oh and they are getting married tomorrow!! Chris and Anna, I am SO excited about your wedding! x

Chris-and-Anna-2 Chris-and-Anna Chris-and-Anna-6 Chris-and-Anna-7 Chris-and-Anna-4 Chris-and-Anna-10 Chris-and-Anna-11 Chris-and-Anna-14 Chris-and-Anna-13 Chris-and-Anna-12 Chris-and-Anna-15 Chris-and-Anna-16 Chris-and-Anna-18 Chris-and-Anna-19 Chris-and-Anna-20 Chris-and-Anna-21 Chris-and-Anna-22 Chris-and-Anna-23 Chris-and-Anna-25 Chris-and-Anna-26 Chris-and-Anna-27 Chris-and-Anna-30 Chris-and-Anna-32 Chris-and-Anna-33 Chris-and-Anna-36

We had to get a family portrait in. Chris-and-Anna-37

… and he is too cute not to get a solo shot of!  Chris-and-Anna-39 Chris-and-Anna-40 Chris-and-Anna-43 Chris-and-Anna-42

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