It’s something I rave about often, and something that I will never shy away from – my couples.  Having friendships with my couples in not a rare thing, still emailing them way after their wedding is pretty normal. Meeting them for coffee – check! This happens because we get along, and aside from the fact I’m  photographing their wedding if we were meeting under a different set of circumstances there is a good chance we would  be friends.

This year has seen a huge personal achievement for me. The wedding day of Derek and Fran has been featured in the latest edition of Your Yorkshire Wedding. But not only that, we made the FRONT cover. The front cover!! When the lines are blurred between professional and friendship (my favourite kind to be honest), amazing things can happen. So today I am toasting to success, beautiful friendships and working/living a  life that you love.


You and Your Yorkshire Wedding


Thank you so much Your Yorkshire wedding for letting Derek and Fran grace the cover of your latest edition & Derek and Fran thank you for helping to make this to happen. Their wedding was a LOT of fun. You can see more of it here –

The latest copy is available to buy here  and to see all of Derek and Fran’s wedding you can go here.