How to feel more natural in front of the camera.

Don’t you love it when you get a camera pointed in your face and then you get told to smile? No. Me neither. As soon as someone puts a camera in front of us we generally lose all ability to smile, use of limbs or naturally look in any direction.

What you really need here are not harsh directions, but gentle guidance. You see, you’re already pretty hot at just being you and a photographer (hi – that’s me) can help you just ease into your super hot state a lot easier. 

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A few pointers to feeling more relaxed.

1- Actually relax. You’re photographer is here to make you look and feel good.  Take a deep breath, let your shoulders relax and let us see that real pretty you. 

2- Feel good. Whether this means getting a manicure, getting your hair done, going for a run before your shoot. Whatever makes you feel that little bit better, do it. For me, I like to give myself time to get ready. I enjoy getting my making up on and having a little bit of time to do it – without feeling rushed. Maybe plan your outfit the night before, or give yourself a couple of options. Girls I  know how over night that outfit that fitted perfect can suddenly be no good, the wrong fit and just plain straight doesn’t work in the morning. Have a backup.

3- Trust. This is the biggie. Trust your photographer. They want to bring out *the* best in you. We want to create beautiful pictures that you  are happy and proud of. That you love. We want you to encourage you and hope that you bring the sass, the pretty, the nerves. Bring it all. Bring you. Relax, feel confident, make yourself feel good and you will be ready for gorgeous portraits. 

Happy Tuesday!

N .x.x