Photographing wedding details.

The wedding mornings are great to be able to get the girls (if you are shooting solo) having a bit of fun and getting ready for the day.  I’ve come to learn that however that no matter how beautiful the venue itself sometimes the prep rooms or interiors can be a little limited. There are a whole range of ways to shoot details – taking them outside is always great. But, us UK dwellers know all too well that we can’t always guarantee on the weather so we have to find our safety net in other ways.

I like to try to keep the images of the  day cohesive, so for me that means finding the most natural flattering light there is. This nearly always brings me to a window for photographing details. A lot of times the window has the sheer fabric that actually acts as a really nice diffuser as well as throwing nice light on the items.

I thought I’d share some examples, so if you ever find yourself in a pinch this could be an option.

Wedding Shoes natural light

This one I especially love. The chair was ok, but by bringing the sheer fabric over it, it just softened the whole look and really made  the flowers pop.

Wedding Shoes natural light wedding flowers


Wedding Shoes natural light wedding flowers

These last two images I laid the item down on the sill and used the natural light from the sheer again soften and lighten the space.

Wedding Shoes natural light wedding flowers details


Wedding Shoes natural light wedding flowers


It might not be the most rocket science of help, but something to use if you get a pinch.

I’d love to hear any tips that anyone else uses. #sharingiscaring