What do you do if it rains on your wedding day? Quite simply you keep calm and carry on! You have no control over the weather, and even though you may feel like its ruined things, you need to ignore that thought completely. The people who are at your day, wont care what the weathers doing they are all there for you. And you’re not marrying the weather, you’re marrying that beautiful human next to you. Embrace it all.


Rainy wedding day

There’s no doubt that in an ideal situation we would have a beautiful bit of overcast sky mixed with some killer sunshine, and that gentle breeze just to cool  the guests of when they need. But we’d have that every day if we could. Especially in the UK we know full well we can get 4 seasons in a day. So don’t let it shock you.


Rainy wedding day


A few practical tips for rainy wedding days.

1 – Umbrellas. Bit of an obvious one, but not everyone thinks, or wants to think that they need it.  A few white, or better still see through umbrellas will keep the light nice on you, I cam still see you with the clear ones and you stay dry. Winner.


2 – Look at the forecast. It rarely rains all day. Are there any breaks scheduled where you can juggle the timeline?


3 –Footwear. Bring some wellies. If you’re game for outside in wet weather than so am I! Make it a feature in your photos.  One of my couples actually made a feature of it and held a competition for the best decorated wellies!

4.   – Indoor back up. Can you accommodate a spot for family portraits inside? I did a wedding this year and the brie made sure she had a good room for back up, for portraits in case the weather didn’t play ball. Which it didn’t.



5 – Enjoy it. You’ll hopefully be getting married just the once, so make sure you take time to enjoy it. They go fast as it is  – so don’t wastes anytime not having fun! Rain is only rain. Embrace it – make it part of your memories.