It feels soooo good to have the wedding season here again and back to being with fabulous people and their friends & families on their wedding days. I kicked off the season with Rob & Jen at The Old Swan in Harrogate and it was the perfect start.


Rob and Jen’s wedding was on the cusp of spring being official. The buds were starting to show on the trees  and the weather was drizzly for most of the day, but that was fine. Two lovely families were joining together to celebrate a wedding and what ever is happening weather wise never really matters.


Rob and Jen added a few little traditions to the day which were a nod to Jens Jewish roots. One of which was the breaking of a glass by the groom. He stands on a wine glass that hast been used which indicates the end of the ceremony. It’s a time when everyone starts cheering and also   has a few different meanings.  Another one, ( my new personal favourite) was the Israeli  dancing before dinner. This was brilliant. Men and women start separate and dance in circles before coming together and raising the bride and groom  on chairs. SO much fun!

Together Rob and Jen are the sweetest couple. They compliment each other so well and I know that they are set for a beautiful marriage with years of fun ahead. Here are just are a few pictures from their day.

Photography: Natasha Cadman Photography

Venue : The old Swan Harrogate

Flowers: Daisy Chain

Hair and Makeup: Blonde Fury

Cake: Celia Clyne