I’m often asked (by couples) where the best place for their engagement place would be. My reply is always, preferably a place that means something to you. Last week I met Lloyd & Heather and Lloyd’s dads property and it couldn’t have been more personal.

The Shetlands have been with Lloyd’s family for years. And I don’t mean just pets, these guys were part of the family. Allowed in the house, even getting the knack of opening up cupboard doors by themselves. Murphy, who you’ll see further down has also been part of the family for years, and as we discovered he’s way more into the camera than the mini ones. In fact, he likes to block everyone else out of view and make sure the camera is all on him 😉

Meeting Heather & Lloyd (Lloyd for the first time) again, was a lot of fun. The weather was being ridiculously good  and we took full advantage! They both eased into the shoot effortlessly and made it an absolute pleasure. If the our shoot together was anything to go by, their wedding is going to be one to remember.

Happy Friday guys!!  xx

Yorkshire engagement shoot