August Goals.

Ohh how I am loving the summer holidays. This is our first one since Ezra started school and honestly  I dont know who needed them to arrive more – spoiler alert – it was me. Wow, Id actually say I was near burn out. Just from every day being full. Ive done some assessments of what the last term looked like for me and there was a pattern that I had a planned day every day Monday – Sunday. Non stop. Were they all work? Nope. They were lovely things. Play dates. Activities. Meet ups. Work. Editing. Travelling. But it was something every day. There was no free flow which I am discovering is essential to my make up – it’s where I get my energy. To be quite honest if I look at my diary and the week is especially busy  I stared to feel the overwhelm.

Croatia hotel

So how am I going to change this going forward? I have to change my rhythm. I listened to a great podcast the other  day on Jenna Kutcher   and it was how her guest ( I will try and find the episode) was actually embarrassed if her week was busy. She felt like she had managed her time badly if her diary was full and it really resonated with me. I have a family of 3 children, a business and a cat  😉 and life can full already without overwhelming every free moment we have. Sometimes you need free days to catch up life admin not everything can be done between naps. Heck, the children’s social calendar with friends can be a job so creating buffers of time is absolutely needed.

So, with that being said, what are my August goals? My big one is that I want to play. I want to take lead from the kids have more fun. I want more intentional play, for myself, my interests but with the kids.  I know all too well in my bones that their play one day will change and I don’t want to have missed my chance enjoying it with them. Also I want to document it. I do it all for my old lady – the one who live for these moments again, just to experience for a second if she could. I want to feel everything deep in my bones because I know I won’t remember it all.

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