Creating Evergreen content.


Creating evergreen content

If evergreen content is making you think of something to do with Christmas I wouldn’t entirely blame you 😉 I mean it is that time of the year – Ho Ho Ho. But, it is in fact a term for creating content that is useable all year round – so actually the polar opposite to Christmas material. But, why do you need it &  why should you even bother with it? Ok, let’s do a deeper dive. Seasonal content that you shoot is limited to the specific season that is being represented, which is can date easily on socials. Great for campaigns in that specific season, but not everyone is wanting the Christmas vibe in March or pumpkins in spring – call me crazy – but people DO move on & fast. You either want to be fully in the season and specific or evergreen. Evergreen material will give you content all year round and give you visuals for conversations throughout the whole year.

Evergreen content is so powerful because its usable all the time across all your marketing channels. It’s a way to  start conversations and connect with your client audience that isn’t hindered by a certain time of the year. Its aesthetically pleasing and should set the tone for your style of work. It’s content that stays valuable and useful to client over the long term – and did I say you can use it everywhere 😉


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5  super simple ways to create evergreen content. Level up your photo game with some ninja-like skills in composition and lighting. These are the secret weapons that keep your pics looking fresh, no matter what year it is. Like a trusty recipe, a well-composed photo never goes out of style.

1 – Create in-depth guides for your clients in your industry or niche. Providing step by step help or answering common FAQ’s.

2 – Show people tools you use in your business & why.

3 – Create lifestyle scenes that reflect your business, think texture, colour, tones and items. Always laying the groundwork for your ideal client.

4 –  What practises do you use in your daily  life and business? Remember we’re creating conversations starters for 365 days a year so think about how you do what you do and create a scene to reflect it.

5. Customer Success Stories – Share stories and testimonials  showcasing how your products/services have positively impacted customers. These narratives provide social proof and build trust with potential clients.

Remember, creating evergreen content is like planting seeds for a photo garden that stays blooming.


Creating evergreen content

When I work with my clients I absolutely love helping create and add evergreen content to their strategy because it is so, so powerful. Having a bank of images that work with all the conversations that you want to have is priceless – and stress reducing 😉

If you would like more information on booking a shoot, get in touch here and we can have a chat about how we can elevate the visual touch points of your business. If you want some more business chat, you can check out more posts here.