This time about 6 years  ago I was making big plans to leave my full-time 9-5. I was working full-time in an office, part-time in a pub and every bit of other time was spent honing my photography. Fast forward 6 years ago, I’m stood at my kitchen counter, Beyonce blaring and I’m making plans again.All  the while busting dance  moves that could rival Queen B herself. That last part may or may  not be accurate.

My plans this time though are about how I can push myself further, help others along the way and give my couples a better experience.  I now run a successful photography business that allows me to live a life that I love. It’s not always perfect, but I can deal with a work in progress and to be honest I’m not sure what perfect looks like.

But what this really is, is a little snippet of Tuesday inspo to say that you my friend have this. Starting a new venture? Planning the biggest day of your life so far? Just managing to get through the week?  What ever is happening. What ever is going on, you totally have this.


Have a beautiful Tuesday.


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