We’ve now done 3 weeks of lockdown and it still feels like a bit of extended holiday if I’m being honest – especially with the weather. With or without lockdown let me tell you some of the things that have been making my day. Otto’s smiling – he is really recognising us all now and starts to smile at you straight away and  it melts me, seeing those little eyes crease and his smile spread across his face! Ezra  – living his best life in the sun. His motto is to just get naked despite the temperature and get into the paddling pool! His talking is fully coming into it’s own and he has me and Jim in stitches most days with the questions he’s coming out with and how he asks them.

I’ve been a tad frustrated at times with feeling tied to Otto’s feeding, which I feel  is daft about because it’s happened so lovely this time for us that I definitely shouldn’t be   taking it for granted. But, when the sun’s out and you just want to get a bit of gardening done for more than 5 minutes it’s nice not to be needed straight away, but he’s 7 weeks old and that’s what they do and I actually love feeding him so I just need to get over not having my own time.

We have however managed to get Ezra off his dummy and rid of his comfort blanket, which we were dreading because he LOVED his dummy. But we’re now a week in and he calls himself a big boy who doesn’t need it any more 😉

I found a surprise bit of Rhubarb growing in the garden  – which just show’s how long Ive not been doing any work in it 😉

This week we’re curbing our sugar intake. The last few weeks have been a bit snacky, well actually a lot snacky – which I’m not sure why, because in normal life we don’t have a snack cupboard, so we’re getting rid of the one we’ve created.

We did treat ourself to a take out Easter Sunday roast from one of our local restaurants which was a treat – Heaney & Mill, which was nice  to 1)not have to prep a meal and 2) not have a mountain of washing up to do 😉

One thing that I have been sticking to and honestly have been feeling the benefits from is doing my daily yoga session. It’s just a quick 30 minutes youtube one, but I have been feeling the difference. I haven’t always wanted to do it everyday but I’ve stayed committed, just! Ive also been having my morning Cacao to go with it. I was recommended it by a friend and I am seriously addicted. They say to have Cacao ceremonies which is what Im trying, it’s basically taking the time to set intentions and express some gratitude.

As we’re going into week 4 I’m not sure what we’ll be expecting or experiencing. I’m honestly just trying to keep my little team in  this bubble of home to stay safe and trying to ignore the realities of what is going on outside, but knowing that the front liners are doing an amazing job. Like I said before, I don’t want to spend this time in a negative mindset,  because it’s happening regardless and we’ll never (probably) live through something like this again.

I have a few goals for the week are to:

  • Edit a little bit of the footage Ive been taking. 
  • Prep some content for my wedding instagram.
  • Finish my book.

Happy Monday people.