On Saturday just gone, I married. I became a Mrs Monkhouse. I celebrated. I laughed. I cried. I felt like the happiest person there was. I realised I’m  not here on this earth to accumulate things. I’m here to spend as much time  I can with  amazing people. People who I love and care for deeply. People who make me want to become the best version of myself. People like the ones who joined Jim and I on the beach, in front of the sea who supported us, celebrated with us and made us truly the happiest people. I can’t even sum up into words how much I loved our wedding day, I know it will always be something I look back on in years to come with the sweetest of memories.

I’ll definitely be sharing more of our wedding day soon, but for now I am very much enjoying the lovely feeling of being a wife. 13235392_10156952080610385_9187269135467050194_o




Nerja wedding