Tonight I say by to my 33rd year and what a beaut that it’s been. I wanted to take a little bit of time and just remember how great it’s been. Perfect  – not by a long shoot but great all the same.

We celebrated my dad turning 70 and booked a house for the weekend to party.

Ezra had 4 getaways and flew on 2 planes.

I started a woodworking course and found I had a passion for turning bowls.

Ive been featured in online publications and magazines.

Ive collaborated with fabulous creatives I know.

We’ve made fun memories with family and friends.

I held my first alfresco movie night on my patio and loved it.

My mum started to regain strength in her body.

Ive seen one of my fabulous, battle cancer and come out the other side.

Ive shot weddings up and down the country.

I create my own weekly schedules.

I meet new photographers.

I celebrated 10 years of being with Jim.

Ezra turned 1.

I took a girls trip to mallorca

Ive seen Ezra turn from a baby to a toddler.

We went to a Michelin star restaurant.

There are so many things that I cant even think of right now, but Im going to start what my friend did and for my 34th year, I’m going to right down good things that happen. Grow my gratitude and appreciate even more this lovely life. Far from perfect, but mine. I’m trying to be more present every day.

Thank you for joining me on my last year – I hope you’ll stay with me for the next.