Being in lockdown.
We’ve completed week two of lockdown and I know everyone is having a different experience. I was going to say that nothing much has changed for me, but it totally has. Everything has changed. The only difference is I was ready for it, not because I knew what was coming, but because I’m currently on maternity leave with Otto. So I was always going to be going slower, have less plans, spending  more time at home and be on a lower income because I’m not working.
But I’m definitely not a glass half empty person and I ain’t going to start now. We’ve been told to stay at home and I’m embracing it as much I can.
So let’s talk about things we are liking ????
  • I’m actually enjoying social media more because this is genuinely now one of my only ways to see what everyone is upto.
  • Having Jim at home is brilliant. Sure he’s working, but having someone here to help with 2 kids throughout part of the day is great. And plus, Jim gets to spend more time with Otto than he would have before, so that’s a win win.
  • The fun factor that Ezra is having with turning our house into what is now essentially a whacky warehouse!
  • Seeing Ezra become even better buddies with Jim, his dad is definitely his bed bud.
  • Doing my yoga every morning. I make myself a cup of cocoa firs, take some time to myself to enjoy it and then hit the mat for 30 mins. And it doesn’t matter if there are kids there or not,  I am just loving the stretch.
  • Getting house jobs done. I’ve armed myself with jobs that I can pick up and start / stop with kids around the house to keep some productivity flowing. Generally I’ve been getting around 2-3 jobs a day done. But I’m not putting any pressure on myself.
  • FaceTimeing with family. It’s nice to touchbase at the end of the day or every other and see how everyone is doing.
  • We’ve weaned Ezra off the dummy. We’re 2 nights in and after the first MAJOR meltdown we’re now doing ok, but we’ll see what the next night brings.
  • Cooking and eating. Literally our main focus of the day. Although it’s time  to ease of the snacks now because I have some excess baby lb’s that I may as well try and move.
  • Getting out for our daily exercise.
  • Managed to paint my nails twice.


None of  us really know how long we’re going to be in this situation for so I’ve made a list of other things that I’d like to have a go at whilst we’ll be at home.
  • Stop watching the news as much. It’s not really healthy and it’s a little easy to become obsessed over.
  • Get some baking done. I’ve got the nicest baking book that I never have time to go at, so I’m going to make some time for that.
  • Think of some recipes that I’ve always wanted to try. I love Mexican food and I have the Wahaca cook book, so, depending if I can get everything from the supermarket, I’m going to focus down on some ridiculously tasty dishes.
  • Read a couple more books. I’m currently on with Daisy & The Six and have 2 more sat on the shelves as well.
  • Watch more Movies!!! I need to start lounging more and switching off with a movie
  • Make some
  • Family movies. I make beautiful films for so many of my clients and never make time for my own, so I’m going to change that whilst I’m home.
  • Take some family portraits. I’ve been wanting to take some family pictures in front of rhododendrons for a while now, and the walk we take for our exercise passes a load, which are due to be in bloom soon. So a few more weeks and  I should be able to do it.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m not taking this seriously I am. Very much so. But we’re all in this together and if being at home is the role we have to play, I’m going to be thankful avoid going anywhere as much as possible and make the best of what we can.

Stay well friends. x