Wedding Planning.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutley adored  my wedding week ( we went away for 5 days) but on but on the actual day itself I wished I had been a bit more vocal.



Being a wedding photographer myself, I was determined that I wouldn’t be that person, who tells their photographer what to do every inch of the day. Instead I took a bit of 180 and was maybe a little too hands off.  I realised that things I thought would be covered needed to be talked about first. Now, I say this I suppose with an air of caution. You don’t want to give your photographer so much information that they are actually stifled and can’t do their work the way that you  love, the reason you have probably booked them. But, make sure you do vocalise things that are important to you.

I know that it has become the modern day approach to be super candid and fly on the wall. And that’s cool – everyone has different styles. But sometimes this approach means ( I think) loosing the family portrait section of the day, which to me is super important. Sure it might not be the most exciting part, but I guarantee its the part of the day you’ll want to get on your wall. It’s the pictures in years to come you’ll look at very fondly. I know that sounds a tad morbid but its true.

We had a beautiful wedding arch on the beach full of deep red peonies at our wedding, and I presumed that’s where we would have all our family pictures.  But, I hadn’t even talked about a shot list with my photographer. In fact we hadn’t spoke about any of the details of the day.

When we walked down the aisle as newlyweds everyone gave us hugs and well wishes  – as you would expect. However, what people don’t tell you (if you’re not the centre of attention type of person) is that this is really quite overwhelming and I hastily advised people to go back on up to the reception venue instead of just staying around on the beach. But, what I didn’t even think of was our pictures! Most people has gone up the hill before I’d realised that we hadn’t done them. We did however get Jim’s family portraits there but it bugs me that we didn’t get mine. My family’s pictures were on a terracotta terrace. But, I should have vocalised this before hand. – because your mind is somewhere else completely on your wedding day.

So, people learn a few things from me.

Photographers – chat to your people! I use typeform with my couples to get more details of the day. Then we talk details so that we are both prepared!

Couples – express your ideas. Allow our creativity to flow but let us know your thoughts – we want to give you photos that you love.

Be prepared for walking down the aisle. People grab you. Cuddle you. Hug you. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world but be prepared for it 😉

There are a few other things that I learnt from my wedding that I’m going to follow up with next week. Check back in on Wednesday for more. Please don’t get me wrong, I adored my wedding and I love my pictures – but there is always room for a little change 😉